Group Buy Updates

Please Note: All Shipping dates are estimates only. Delays are not uncommon due to manufacturing set backs, fluctuating production and transit times as well as changes concerning the current Covid situation. 

1. New updates will be shown in Red.

2. Be sure to notify us of any address changes at least 5 business days prior to fulfillment. Updating your Deskhero Default address only affects new orders, not previous ones made.

3. If your order includes any other products not yet in stock, shipment will have to wait till all products are received.


Keysets & Deskmats

1. GMK Pharaoh Keysets - Estimated shipping Q3 2023

       - August 25 - Keysets complete. (Not including deskmats or Ramas)

       - August 14 - Shipping still in progress (minus Rama). Still waiting on Rama
       inventory to arrive.

- July 31 - Keysets (minus Rama) begins shipping late this week.

- July 17 - Keysets have arrived and in processing - be sure to let us know of any address changes! (Still awaiting Rama artisans to arrive)

- May 25 2023 - On its way here. Sea Transit.

- April 01 2023
- Awaiting update on Pharoah Ramas

- Feb 13 2023 - The final production design file has been confirmed

- March 17 2022
- Plastic samples were sent to GMK for color matching. 

- March 24 2022 - Pharaoh Thok Artisans shipping is complete.

2. GMK Pharaoh Deskmat - Estimated shipping Q4 2023

- Second set of production samples not acceptable. 

Keyboards & Keyboard Kits

1. Saka 68 Keyboard

- Oct. 20. CMM Studios - Manufacturer
"Due to COVID lockdowns and electricity regulations that have been issued in China, We are hoping to ship Saka68 to vendors by late October (subject to change). 

- Dec. 04. CMM Studio confirmed for Saka 68:
Deskhero CA: Partially shipped, next part will be shipped some time next week
Deskhero US: Processing for shipping to vendor.
Which means: After freight and transit times coming to us via sea -
Saka 68 hopefully shipping to customers by end of Q1 (subject to change)

- Jan. 28 - CMM Studio confirmed for Saka68:
Deskhero CA: In transit to vendor [Boat]
Deskhero US: In transit to vendor [Boat]
Saka 68 hopefully shipping to customers by late Q1 (subject to change).  

March 22 - These have arrived and in processing. Begins shipping next week.

March 28 - These have begun shipping. Orders with just the keyboard should be shipped out by April 25th (subject to change). Orders with Extra components will follow. Fulfillment still waiting on receiving switch layer foam and brass plates. Orders with these items will be in the last batch to be shipped.

June 1 - Orders with switch layer foam are now being fulfilled. Orders with Brass plates to follow.

June 20 - Brass plates to arrive this week.

July 4 - 90% Shipping labels created/fulfilled. Please be sure to provide your contact phone number as some carriers cannot ship your order without one.

August 22 - Shipping complete.

2.  Fuji 65 Keyboard (you can also get direct updates from the manufacturer if join the CMM Studio Discord channel Possible further delays due to current lock down in China.

Dec. 24 - CMM Studio confirmed for Fuji 65: Currently in production. Fuji 65 hopefully shipping to customers by late Q1, 2022 (subject to change).

- Feb. 02 - Fuji65 is mostly done CNC and ano. Packing and Quality Control will continue right after Lunar New Year holidays and the boards will be shipped to vendors ASAP. Hopefully shipping to customers by Q2.

- April 10 - SE pink and a small batch of FE blue and black still need to be packed) Hopefully shipping to customers by late Q2 (subject to change due to current lock down in ShanghaiLockdowns in Shanghai and other Chinese cities pose growing threat to the economy | CNN Business 

- May 24 - Restrictions have loosened in China. All variants have now been packed and shipped to the freight forwarder. Once it arrives at the forwarder, it will get shipped to Deskhero. 

- June 3 - Awaiting news from forwarder.

- June 17 - Forwarder waiting for the last few items to arrive. Should be getting ready for transit to Deskhero by next week.

- July 4 - Units will be 80% shipped and in-transit to Deskhero by 6/10.

- July 13 - All inventory in transit to Deskhero via Sea. Once these hit customs, another update will be included here.

- Aug 22 - For news regarding the Fuji65 and the Build Guide please visit the CMM Discord channel: - Check out the #nightsakura-fuji65-mod channel.

- Sept. 29 - Keyboards have arrived. In processing. Shipping to customer to begin next week.

- Oct. 5 - Shipping to begin this week. First batch to be shipped out will be orders with single keyboards only (no extra components) apart from SE Black. Still waiting on new back panel for SE Black. 

- Oct. 10-17 - First batch of Fujis boards - Shipping still in progress.

- Oct. 26 - Second batch of Keyboards have begun shipping. Orders now being fulfilled by order number.

- Nov. 2 - Second batch shipping in progress. About 40% complete.

- Dec. 14 - Shipping in progress

- Feb. 24 - Shipping complete

 3. Sun 68 A lot of the business districts in china, which include factories (one of which just so happens to be the ones housing the Fuji65) are all shut down or are working with limited workers and resources as well as a bottleneck where there aren't enough people to transport goods from point A to B. No information on when the lockdown will be lifted and the implications of the lockdown in the long run for these factories. KeyboardNew estimated shipping to us by January 2022. So after freight and transit times shipping to customers by late Q1 2022

March 22 - These are in transit. Hoping to begin shipping in April.

April 14 - These have arrived and in processing. Shipping to begin this week.

April 25 - Shipping still in progress.

May 30 - Shipping complete.

4. GMK Pharaoh Keyboard Kit - D60Lite 

Sept. 27 - Currently in transit. Should arrive by early October.

Oct. 10 - These have arrived and in processing. Begins shipping next week.

Oct. 17 - Shipping Begins this week!

Oct. 26 - Shipping 90% complete.

Nov. 2 - Shipping complete.

  • To decrease the noise during typing and offer a better typing experience, we updated the structure to Leaf spring mount, with silicone socks set& Tape Mod& Bottom Foam (2022-06-13)
  • The new mold is completed. Testing the samples of D60 lite collab projects.(2022-05-01)
  • The new mold is expected to be completed by the end of April. (2022-04-15)
  • Delayed because there are some issues in the molds and it did not pass our QC. Will keep updating once we get more info.(2022-03-17)
  • In production (2021-11-03) 

5. Bubble 75 Mechanical Keyboard - Shipping complete.

6. Hope 75 Mechanical Keyboard 

  • Production has started but has been delayed by a couple months due to the CNC production process was delayed by Covid 19 regulations and the manufacturing speed of CNC process for the weight is slower than Velocifire expected.
  • December 20 - Production complete. But factory shut down due to Covid cases throughout.
  • December 30 - Factory packing begins
  • January 12 - Packing complete. Shipping out after Chinese New Year - Sea Transit.
  • April 12 - Has arrived. In processing. 
  • April 24 - Shipping in progress. 
  • June 17 - Shipping complete.