Leopold FC900R with Grey & Blue PBT Key Caps

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Designed in Korea and manufactured in Taiwan, Leopold's Premium mechanical keyboards offer a unique typing experience with their own high quality components that deliver a softer and more rounded typing experience thanks to the feel of their keycaps, the sound dampening pad installed in the case and the pleasing minimalist design of the finished product.

    • Full size layout featuring number pad for a total of 104 keys
    • Genuine Cherry MX Red Switches - Cherry MX red switches are suited for gamers with a linear path and lightweight keys for rapid actuation
    • Premium 1.5mm PBT double shot keycaps designed by Leopold feature a specialized step sculptured profile and a crisp simplistic font
    • Sound absorbing padding inside the case reduces sound trapped within the case and reduces risidual vibrations that cause vibration and rattling of stabilizers. This results in a more clear, tight and quieter typing experience
    • Follows the standard North American QWERTY ANSI layout
    • Features full USB N-Key Rollover
    • Preset function layer for multimedia controls and adjustments to N-key rollover and repeat rates.
    • DIP switches allow you to rearrange the FN, windows, caps lock, ctrl & alt keys to your preferred location.
    • Cable routing grooves and two stage rubber feet
    • Mini USB and PS/2


  • Windows compatible
  • Includes a user manual, usb cable, usb to PS/2 converter, keycap puller, alternative caps lock / ctrl keys, dust cover