Dekoni Audio Elite Sheepskin Ear Pads for Audio Technica ATHM50X Headphones

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Dekoni Audio, known for it’s supreme comfort and quality line of ear pads has introduced the flagship ear pad of the line.  It is the Dekoni Elite Sheepskin Ear pad.  Made from YM80 slow rebound memory foam and covered in a genuine Sheepskin Leather it is the ultimate in comfort and sound isolation.  

With these pads you will be able to better isolate yourself from outside sounds as you enjoy your favorite music while maintaining the quality of the headphone sound and richness in the texture of the music.  

These pads fit the Audio Technica ATHM50X, ATHM40,  ATHM30, ATHM20, ATHM70 and the Sony MDRV-7506 and Sony V6.