Sun 68 Keyboard Extras - Aluminum Weight

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The Sun68 is a compact gasket mount keyboard kit designed with inspiration of current kits.

We also modified internal structure details to improve typing feel & sound. The Sun 68 keyboard uses full set of foams, including foams between switches and PCB, around screws,gaskets between plate sides and cases.

We hope it can stand out among current nice 68% keyboards with more details improved, and design renewed.

Velocifire Team

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  • 6063 Alu case * Gasket Mount
  • Wired QMK/VIA hotswap PCB
  • 6° Typing Angle
  • PC plate(compatible with PCB stabs, split spacebars, Step Capslocks)
  • Alu weight (0.15 kg)
  • Poron dampener packs, gasket packs, washers ect.
  • Screws and standoffs
  • Sun 68 keyboard kit software link: 
  • Please reach out to Deskhero support if you require a build guide.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Julien L.
      Great board for the price, but color leaves a little to be desired.

      Overall I'm happy with this case, but the color for "milky white" is clearly tan. I know renders are never super accurate, but this deviation is very obvious. It still looks fantastic, but if you're color coordinating be mindful that the milky white case is not an off-white but more of a tan/light mocha color.